Fish Bouffant

Fish Bouffant
416 Pine Street
Beaufort, NC 28516
(252) 504-1589

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Fish Bouffant was born on a beach in Southern California back in 1987 when Craig Gurganus glimpsed the outline of a fish in one of the pieces of a broken surfboard. From that piece he developed the fish which would become the first of a full-fledged menagerie of creatures including sailfish, dragonflies, ladybugs, killer whales, and tigersharks.

Now living in Beaufort, North Carolina, Craig's creations can be found in businesses and private collections throughout the world. With art in almost all 50 of the states, Craig's unique creations can also be found in Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and Guam. Using the tools of the home workshop - jigsaw, sanders, and paintbrushes - surfboards are transformed into sculpture, each custom made and unique.

Craig's clients include: Ex-Presidents, Celebrities, Restaurants, Dentists, Private Collectors, Art Galleries, Home Owners, Doctors, and Small Businesses.


  • Studio visits welcome by appointment.