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Port City Tour Company

Book one of three Beaufort tours, or just come to check out the pirate museum exhibits. Take a Wild Horse and Shelling Safari to Shackleford Banks and Or wait till evening to go on the award-winning Beaufort Ghost Walk. Walk through the historic town and hear haunted tales, chilling stories of murderous pirates, unexplained happenings, ghost ships, and haunted houses.

Wild Horse and Shelling Safari

Take a 15 minute ferry ride over to the Outer Banks Island of Shackleford Banks. There you will be introduced to the Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks. This free roaming herd is believed to have descended from Horses that were brought here roughly 400 years ago, and still survive as one of the last isolated groups of wild horses in the United States. You will help your guide track the horses and see first hand the fascinating behavior of horses in the wild. After the tour, you will be directed to one of the best shelling beaches in all of North Carolina, with the Cape Lookout Lighthouse off in the distance.

Beaufort Ghost Walk 

The Beaufort Ghost Walk is a Guided Walking Tour through the Historic District of Beaufort, North Carolina. Founded in 1709, Beaufort is the 3rd oldest town in NC, and the 12th oldest town in North America. On the Ghost Walk, you will be entertained by your pirate guides, as they bring history to life when they regale you with an enjoyable assortment of chilling stories, ghost ships haunted houses and interesting histories of the Beaufort area.

In addition, you will hear about some of the amazing unexplained encounters experienced by both guests and guides during Ghost Walks of the past. All of the stories you will hear have been extensively researched and well documented and the folklore and legends have been carefully preserved from generations of local storytellers.

Legend of Blackbeard

Experience the golden age of piracy in this interactive all-ages adventure. A silver-lined skull. Fourteen wives. Buried treasure. A violent temper. “A Bristol man born.” Almost everything we know about the mysterious “Blackbeard” is based on legend. But what is true & what isn’t?

Join Angus “Quill” MacBlaquart, Chronicler of Sea Captains & Kings, and resident of Beaufort in the middle of the eighteenth century, on an interactive journey of discovery & initiation. Visit local points of piratical interest in “Fish Town” (the former name of Beaufort), learn the ways of the pirates, and, through the storytelling magic of Quill’s personal journal, meet Blackbeard’s closest allies & enemies while learning some of the early history of Beaufort. In the end, it’ll be up to you which story you want to tell—the Truth—or the Legend—of Blackbeard.


Port City Tour Company has a shop at 108 Middle Lane featuring Olde Timey Photos of you or your family, pirate merchandise, and local souvenirs. 


  • Shackleford Banks Horse Tour
  • Ghost Walk
  • Legend of Blackbeard